David Love is David Forslund

David Love

I was searching for old friends on Facebook and found David Love aka David Forslund.

Though he has changed in appearance (he is now lot older than when I last saw him) he has not changed the way he presents himself to the people that are about to become his victims. David never did anything for anyone. It is always about making money by scamming or ruining other people. I have seen him in action many times.

I bet he changed his name from Forslund to Love so people wouldn’t find out about his criminal past.

In 1971 David was sent to jail at the William Head Penitentiary and in 1973 he went to jail in a work camp near Campbell River.

David was involved in several breaking and entries, ripping off women, smuggling and selling drugs and other scams. He would get people hooked up on drugs so they would become his customers.  Who knows how many people have died because of David.

David doesn’t care about people, even his own first wife.

David pressured his first wife to rob a drug store in Gibson.  He masterminded the robbery in details and when they were caught David manipulated his wife in taking the blame, and she did.  The wife went to jail and David had free reins to spend time with his mistress, who later became his second wife. David was very violent, especially with his first wife. In many occasions I saw bruises in her face. He had that poor woman bullied into complete obedience.  I believe his wife was either 15 or 16 when David Love introduced her to hardcore drugs and turned her into a complete addict.

David was trafficking heroin from Mexico into Canada, he used people as mules to smuggle the drugs. He also had a motorhome to transport the heroin out of Mexico into Canada through the US.

David developed a technique on how to gain people’s approval and friendship – he used to brag about how good he was in conning people. He selects his victims and befriends them. He then becomes very supportive, caring and their best friends, he would spend months cultivating a friendship with his victims. When everything is in place David strikes his victims. Once he gets what he wants he go after his victims ferociously so David ends up being the victim. He will not hesitate to lie, cheat to get what he wants.

Everything I am saying here is true and I can prove it despite what David Love aka David Forslund will say once he discovers my blog. I will not be bullied or cowed by David.