Don’t Be Afraid of David Love

I have been doing searches about David Love and found some interesting information.  I found some interesting videos where David is speaking at some detox center expressing his gratitude for saving his life. In one of these videos he is in tears.

When I was watching these videos it reminded me when David was telling about some rehabilitation groups he went to

In 1974, David joined the Lifeline Drug Rehabilitation which was a church sponsored group home run by Danny & Becky McGregor. David didn’t last long in the group even though he pretended he was dealing with his drug addiction, he was telling everyone what a great program it was and how it changed his life. After he left he began to badmouthing the Lifeline group.

In 1991, David was joined the Esperanza Treatment Centre in Esperanza, British Columbia. While residing there with his wife Christine and son, David was advised that in a Religious Community each person has to have their own means for survival. He was advised that if he helped finding sponsors that would donate funds to the organization they would let him live on the premise without paying rent. The Religious Community was part of the Shantymen International organization, which later changed their name to SCA International. At that time David was still using the Forslund last name.

Compassion Outreach Mission (PDF File)

In 1992, David also worked for another community called Compassion Outreach Mission in Tahsis, B.C. Canada.

Now I hear that David had joined the Narconon group but, not surprising to me, he badmouthing them – most likely he is trying to extort money from them. Typical of David to cry for help and them stab those who helped him.

In any event, what do you expect from someone who spent most of his life being a drug dealer? Who knows how many people have died because of David Love aka David Forslund.

One more thing, David is quick in threatening people that he will go to the police of get some government agencies to “investigate” you. Don’t be afraid of his empty threats. David is the one who needs to be concerned with law enforcement knocking on his door.