David Love Caught Abusing a Woman Again Part II

David Love intoxicated

David Love mug shot taken by the Jerome Police Department (David looks intoxicated)

We received the following documents showing that David Love was in fact arrested, fingerprinted and had his mug shot taken in Jerome, Arizona for his abuse of  [MS] who he had apparently lured into room 30 at the Grand Hotel. Love created such a disturbance that a citizen worried about the safety of [MS] called 911.

Upon arriving at the hotel, the responding police officer overhead Love yelling profanities at [MS], calling her a “fucking bitch”, a “fucking slut” and a “whore”.

Upon pulling Love out of the hotel room, the officer noted that he was intoxicated. In his usual style of trying to shift his guilt to others, Love lied to the police claiming that [MS] had threatened to kill him but when the officer questioned [MS], she said she was only trying to calm him down. Love also claimed that he was part of the “cult of Scientology” which is another blatant lie.

If the police had not arrived at the scene I am quite sure David would have beaten her up just like he did with his ex-wife Norma who he left with a permanent scar, and she wasn’t the first woman abused and beaten up by David.

Here is the evidence:

Jerome Police Department

Jerome Municipal Court