About this Blog and Contact

This blog is dedicated to a person who ruined my life and that of many others. I am not a skilled writer but I will tell true stories about me and my friends’ unfortunate experiences with David Forslund. David has always been a master of manipulation and is all about getting money and not caring who he destroys in the process. He would turn on friends and even his own wife to keep himself out of jail, even though he engaged in just as much criminal activity as those he snitched on or framed.

Please contact me at BloggerCanada at yahoo dot com if you have further information.


5 thoughts on “About this Blog and Contact

  1. Susan

    I am one of the happiest people right now, I knew it will come back on him so If you were in front of me I would kiss you. Thank god there is someone out there that will put this criminal in his place..

  2. JL

    It would be good if you could post large excerpts – and the transcript – of the tape of the court hearing that took place in Trois Rivières, in or around June 2009, that resulted from the criminal charges of pressed against DL in British Columbia in 2008. If I am not mistaken, that court hearing took place shortly after DL completed his program at Narconon 3-Rivières. The tape – which is itself an official and public record – shows that DL told the court (under oath and under pain of perjury), in an attempt to get a discharge, that he planned to do lectures tours across North America and especially the USA to spread the good news about the benefits of the Narconon Program because it was amazingly important and because it had saved his live and also the life of his daughter (if I am not mistaken). The court hearing was taped as are all courts hearings in Quebec, and one can hear all of this on the official tape, which is both French and English because there was a court certified translator for DL. The transcript – which apparently exists in an official form (done by professionals certified by law) – should also be posted in totality and maybe also with specific most relevant excerpts being in bold and large fonts, along with the tape. Looking at DL’s track record since then, the public or journalists who will listen to the tape and/or read the excerpts will likely ask themselves whether whether DL told the truth to the judge. In other words, whether DL was then lying to the judge (which would have been perjury, a serious crime), or whether he has been repeatedly lying to the public since then. In any event, it’s definitely an official record that the public interested about DL should know about because it exposes the truth about DL from a very reliable source and also because these records contradict DL and/or bring new light on some of the major issues he has been talking about in recent years. In any event, continue with your good work of exposing his lies and make your best to get your site up the ranks on google so that this can can be exposed.


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