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David Love 911 Call Gone Wrong

We have reported in the past that David Love was caught abusing a woman and he was arrested.

We have now received the 911 call that David Love made to the Jerome Police Department where he alleges a woman was threatening to kill him. David asked the police to come over to his hotel because he feared for his life. He then hangs up the phone but the phone remained connected and the entire conversation was recorded by the 911 Operator.

The recording shows David Love true colors. In public he portrays himself as an “good person” but behind the scenes he shows to be a complete different person. It corroborates some of the stories we have published in this blog.

Audio file available here: Audio file of David Love’s 911 call.

Transcript: DAVID LOVE CALLS 911 – 20 October 2013 in Jerome, AZ

911: 911. What’s the address?

David Love: Yes, I have been harassed by a woman. Her name is [MS]. I am in the Grand Hotel, in, in Arizona …

911: Jerome.

David Love: Jerome, yeah. She is threatening my life.

911: Are you in a room?

David Love: Yes, I am.

911: What room?

David Love: Room 33.

911: Sir, and what is your name?

David Love: She is very psychotic. My name is David Love from Montreal, Canada.

911: How do you spell your last name?

David Love: L-O-V-E.

911: OK. I’ll send them up there.

David Love: Please send them right away.

911: And is the lady still in the room with you?

David Love: She is still in the room, yeah. She is very threatening.

911: Ok. I will send them up.

David Love: OK. Thank you very much.

911: You are very welcome.

David Love: I don’t know if she is going to stab me or what. Thank you very much.

911: OK. No problem.

(Call ends but the line remains open.)

David Love: (yelling loud) You fuck with people but you don’t fuck with me.

You fuck yourself. I did not fucking send that fucking email. Fuck yourself. I fucking love you, you are my fucking pet. You do this to me. You fucking cunt. … Fuck yourself.

Go fuck yourself, fucking bitch.

I am going to have you fucking arrested, you fucking cunt. Fucking, fucking bitch. …… psychotic fucking bitch.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Just fucking wait. You are going to be fucking arrested you fucking cunt.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Fuck you. Fucking threaten me you fucking bitch.

MS: What are you talking about?

David Love: You did and I am going to fucking report it.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Fuck you. Fuck you. You played with the wrong fucking player this time. Fuck you, fuck you. Fucking cunt, you fucking slut. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fucking two- timing fucking whore.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: You are a fucking cunt. … fucking whore.

MS: No I’m not.

David Love: Fuck you. … (inaudible) I am going to have you arrested ..(inaudible) .. fucking problems with my fucking computer. I am going to fucking show the cops what you do you fucking slut. You’re going to play me, you fucking play with the wrong fucking person you motherfucker.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Don’t fuck with me. Fuck off.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: … whatever you want to fucking do.

MS: I don’t know what happened.

David Love: You fucking did this to me, fucking cunt. I thought I sent that fucking email to you? Fuck you.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Yeah, fuck you. Fuck you, fucking cunt. Fucking psychotic fucking bitch.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Fucking right. Fuck you, fucking bitch. Fucking bitch. You think I’d send a fucking email like that? I would never fucking send an email like that. …(inaudible)…

MS: (inaudible)

David Love:   … (inaudible)… fucking recording, a tape recording that blows your fucking mind.

MS: I could … (inaudible)….

David Love: Well the police will be here in a fucking minute and you fucking cunt and you want to do this to fucking me? Why do you do this to me? You fucking set me up, you fucking cunt.

MS: … what are you talking about?

David Love: Fucking bitch. Fucking threaten to fucking jail me. You fucking bitch.

MS: I am trying to understand you.

David Love: fucking (inaudible) Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Give me that fucking bottle.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Give me that fucking bottle. Fucking bitch.

MS: (inaudible)

(Sound of a slap)

MS: Ouch!

David Love: Fucking whore, you fucking bitch.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Fuck you bitch. Why did you do this to me? (crying)

MSd: I did not do anything to you.

David Love: You did. (crying) Why?

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: … fucking cunt…

MS: I am trying to get (inaudible)

David Love: … what I fucking thought. You are (inaudible), I knew it.

MS: I am ….(inaudible)

David Love: You are fucking OSA from day one. Everybody was fucking right.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: … OSA all the way.

(dialing phone sound)

David Love: (crying) You fucking bitch. Why did you do this to me? You fucking played me for two fucking months. You played me for two fucking months. That is just the way the cops are going to see it.

MSd: (inaudible)

David Love: I don’t fucking care. I never sent that fucking email to you.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: I never fucking…I told you. You told me to go fuck myself. Well fuck you. Wait till the police gets here. They are going to hear the whole fucking story.

David Love: You fucking threatened to fucking cut my throat you fucking bitch.

David Love: … We’ll fucking see… and you threatened to turn me in for fucking drugs, you fucking cunt.

MS: I did not.

David Love: You did, so fuck you. We are going to see who fucking …..(unintelligible).

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fucking OSA cunt. You are a fucking OSA cunt. You are going to fucking go down for it. Fucking bitch. Played me for two fucking months. You fucking played me for two fucking months.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: You are fucking good though. I must say you are one of the fucking best.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Fuck you. I don’t give a fuck who you are. I never sent that fucking email to you. Are you fucking kidding me? Wait till the police get here. Fuck this shit. Fuck this shit. The police are going to get the whole fucking enchilada. They are getting the whole fucking works. From you and your fucking family. You want to play me you fucking cunt? You played with the wrong fucking Canadian. Your father, your mother, your drug use, everything. You fucking cunt. Fucking cocksucker. (inaudible)

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: … Fucking bitch.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: What? You are going to be known all over … and the fucking …

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: You think they won’t fucking believe me? You are a fucking O-S-A cunt. You have been playing everybody for fucking years.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Watch! You think they won’t fucking believe me? Watch! I can fucking prove it. So stick that up your fucking pussy. Bitch. You threaten to cut my fucking throat, I go to fucking report it. You fucking threatened to kill me.

MS: I did not.

David Love: That is what the cops are going to know, right fucking now. You want to leave me here? I don’t fucking care. I got friends that will fly me fucking back to Canada.
Fuck you. You are going to get fucking arrested you fucking bitch. You are going to get fucking arrested tonight. You are threatented to fucking kill me, you fucking cunt. You messed with the wrong fucking person. Fuck you.

You don’t threaten to cut somebody’s fucking throat. Who the fuck do you think you are? Fuck you. Go fuck yourself … fucking douchebag…

I have had enough shit from you. It is about time I fucking start talking back to you …. last few fucking days. Well fuck you. Fucking cunt. The police are going to know the whole fucking shiteroo.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Fuck yourself. California, the while fucking shiteroo. Full numbers and everything. You are fucked bitch. You are fucked. So is your fucking dad (inaudible). You fucked with the wrong person, bitch. You fucking….you think this is a fucking toy, bitch? You think this is a fucking toy? You see what I go on here? Look at this. You know what I got on here?

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Fuck you. I am an investigative reporter, you fucking idiot.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Oh, right. … (inaudible) fucking dumb cunt. … USA … investigative reporter. I think fucking deep.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Fuck you. Fuck off. You are going fucking down and so is your fucking family. Fucking bitch. You are fucked the wrong fucking Canadian. You think the cops …. (inaudible) .. are going to tell me to fuck off? Fuck you.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: Fuck you. ….. (inaudible) go tell me to fuck off. Go fuck yourself, you fucking slut. Fuck off. … the police are reading fucking now. You are going to fucking jail. Fuck off.


David Love: (Talking to police) Yes please come in. She is ready to cut my throat. (Almost crying). I can show you a fucking email.

MS: (inaudible)

David Love: You did. You threatened to cut …. You want to hear the tape recording? Did you threaten to cut my throat or not?

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: Yes, ok. She threatened to cut my throat.

Police: Ok. We’ll get to get that in a minute.

David Love: Ok.

Police: Stand over here.

David Love: Ok. Yes, Sir.

Police: You have your ID on you?

David Love: Yes, I do Sir.


David Love: Here you go Sir.

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: (crying) I just got my life threatened.

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: … (calm and nice) a couple of months ago in Canada. For the last two months, told me that she wanted me to come down and have a love affair with her. I have the emails that would confirm that. She wanted to have sex with me. She sent me pornographic pictures, which I have, …

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: Yes, Sir.

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: You are right. She invited me down and then she told me about her drug connection. I have the address and what not of her drug connection … (inaudible). Ok. She tried to sell me drugs …. (inaudible) and her father’s involved in big drug connections and she’s involved in …. (inaudible). She basically duped me, because I am involved in attacking Scientology…

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: yes, sir.

Police: What does any of this have to do with why I am here?

David Love: Right now because she threatened to cut my throat if I did not stop.

Police: Stop what?

David Love: Working on the internet I am saying what she has done. It is hard to explain sir because …

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: We are both involved in Scientology. She is an ex-Scientologist and I used to be on staff at Narconon which is a Scientology entity. And Scientology has an office of special affairs …

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: No problem. That’s my ..(inaudible)… And Scientology uses operatives to infiltrate people like myself. I am journalist from Montreal, a reporter. They take them down so they don’t attack Scientology anymore and myself and my friends believe that she is a Scientology operative. You know, infiltrating myself. And she threatened to kill me for gods sakes (inaudible)

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: I got no reason to lie to her. I got no reason to lie. There is a lot more. I can show you the evidence and the voice recordings. I am an investigative reporter. I have tape recordings, I have videos of all the stuff that she did, the drugs that she got, there is tapes …(inaudible)… drugs there is… being interstate transported. I have met with the FBI in Oklahoma to report some of this stuff on Scientology. I have met with an FBI agent. I met with Senator Ivester in Oklahoma trying to stop these crimes; I really have. Officer, I really have. I’m not a bad person. I am just a person that is trying to stop the abuse in the cult of Scientology. And some times they send operatives … trying to infiltrate. I got fucked up, basically.

Police: Have you had anything to drink tonight?

David Love: I had about three drinks.

Police: How about you?

David Love: She has quite a bit too.

MS: Uhm.

David Love: We probable had too much to drink each. You are right. I think we can both admit that without question.

Police: (inaudible)

David Love: But I would like to file an official report with the FBI…

Police: Not just yet…


David Love: … I am not going to press it anymore because she is trying to kill herself…

Police: Where’s the phone you called 911 on?

David Love: Right here, Sir.


Police: Jason?

911: Yeah.

Police: OK. I got it buddy.

911: OK.

Police: Thank you.

911: Thanks.


Exploited Daughter

The following letter was sent to me and it is self-explanatory.

Amber Letter

August 14, 2012

Dear _____

My name is Amber and I am David Edgar Love’s daughter. I went through the Narconon Program at the facility in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec and was very successful. The Narconon Program saved my life.

I do not have a lot of memories growing up with my father, as my parents divorced when I was only 3 years old. My mother remarried her current husband who she, has been with for almost 30 years. Essentially because of the lifestyle my father continued to live with street drugs and crimes he committed to feed his drug habit, my mother wanted to keep me away from that lifestyle. My mother was very open and honest with me with regards to her life with my father and all the drug use and crimes that they committed. She was able to get clean and get us children back so she was not anxious to let me have contact with my father David.

However, the more she didn’t want me to have anything to do with David, the more I wanted to know who my father was. So when I was 11 years old my mother let my older sister and I go visit him for the summer. When we returned, my sister at age 14 decided she did not want to have anything to do with our father as she thought he was manipulative and controlling. She broke all ties with him from that point on and has had no contact or relationship with him since. Me on the other hand I went away with wanting to get to know him better, so the following summer when I was 12 I went to spend the summer with him. After 6 months I returned to live with my mom and her husband but I kept in contact with my father through letters that I would send and receive at a friends house.

My communication with my father has always been sporadic over the years mostly because of his lifestyle. My father would call me usually when he needed help with something. Like the time when I was 17 and just going into college, he called saying his second wife had had enough of him and he needed me to take him to this clinic in Toronto to help him with his Heroin addiction. David told me he was working as a Realtor on Vancouver Island at the time and he had told his co-workers he had Hepatitis C, so they held a fund raiser for him to raise funds for his treatment. When they found out it was actually to go to a clinic to be treated for a Heroin addiction he was fired. I flew him out to the clinic in Toronto and we use the money they had raised for the airfare, hotel and treatment.

When my father contacted me in 2008 saying he needed my help as he was living on the streets and had no where to turn. David was in trouble with the law and had been arrested in November 2008 for Possession of Stolen Property in excess of $5,000 as well as Possession of Stolen Property under $5000 and Break and Entry. He was hooked on Heroin as well as other drugs and said he had been in the hospital because he had overdosed. He was on a waiting list for a treatment program in Be but really needed my help. I told him everything about Narconon and how they had helped me and I said I would talk with the Management and see what I could do for him.

After talking to Management of the facility they agreed to help my father David by giving him a 50% discount off their regular rate. In order to help pay David’s treatment fees I took out a loan, which I am currently still paying back. As well Narconon allowed David to use his EI (unemployment) cheque he received every two weeks toward the balance owing. He was staying at a shelter and many of the nightly residents would exchange various different drugs with one another. Also my father was on Unemployment and every two weeks when he received his cheque he would spend it all on drugs.

The sooner I could get him out of that environment the better he would be, so I worked with a Social Worker in Vancouver to arrange to fly my father to Montreal. I then had someone pick him up and bring him to my home. My father went through the Withdrawal Stage of the Program and once complete he went through the other 8 stages successfully.

What I like about the Narconon program for myself was that although it was really hard it helped me take responsibility for my life and myself. I had been to another treatment program on Bowen Island, Be where they used the 12-step program and I found that that program did not help me. Narconon’s Program is personalized, each person completes each stage at his or her own pace, and no one rushes you through. You do not move to the next step until you are ready. I believed in the program so much so that I stayed on afterwards and became Narconon staff member. When my father needed help he turned to me and I turned to Narconon for their help to assist me in getting my father clean from drugs.

When my father graduated from the Narconon Program in April 2009 he gave an amazing speech singing praise of Narconon and how the Program helped him. My father David believed in the program so much so that he became a staff member at the Narconon Facility in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.

When I heard about Narconon Trois-Rivieres, Quebec being shut down in April 2012 that was a turning point for me. It was then I knew I could no longer stand by idly as David attacks the very people who helped both of us, not to mention thousands of others.

What my father is famous for doing is taking a grain of sand of the truth and exaggerating it to suit his needs. He has been doing this all his life, and after having an addiction to street drugs for as long as David has had it makes one delusional and paranoid, there are lots of studies that support this. He may believe he is fighting this cause for the greater of mankind but in reality it is for what David Love can get out of it financially.

My father changed his name from David Edgar Forslund to David Edgar Love in 1995 or 1996. He said it was because both his parents had past away and he wanted to take on his birth father’s name. I think it was more to do with his past and wanting to escape all that went with it. My father has tried to lead a normal life, working various jobs, buying homes but unfortunately the drugs always won out. Now he has cleaned up to the best of my knowledge and is no longer on street drugs but one has to wonder with his blogs about suffering from Post Traumatic Stress what prescription drugs he may be using. I want to believe he is clean in everyway and more than anything for him to stop this addiction with Narconon and Scientology. However, I know he will not until he gets what he wants from it, which is money.

I know this letter will bring on a lot of anger from my father and he will say I was coerced to do it. However, I want you to know I write this of my own free will because I could not in good conscience stand by and watch my father destroy so many people’s lives without at least standing up and saying something.



David Forslund the Robber

Still to this day some of us talk about that one time in the 80’s where David Forslund and his wife robbed a drugstore in Gibson. They went in the first time and stole as many drugs as they could carry. But David was greedy and convinced his wife to go back and rob some more. The second time they got caught. Then something incredible happened, David told his wife to take the fall and leave him out because he had two prior convictions that had landed him in jail. The wife pleaded guilty for the robbery herself and left David out of it.