David Forslund a.k.a. David Love

Let us give you some undeniable facts about David Love Forslund.

Early life
David Edgar Love, also known as, David Edgar Forslund was born on May 30, 1952, in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada.

His father, Joseph Herbert Love, was married to Dorine Hamel Love. Joseph past away on December 3, 1961 (see Death Certificate here:Harry Forslund Death Certificate)

Dorine Love remarried Harry Per Forslund. David was about 9 years old when he became David Edgar Forslund. It was common practice in the 1960’s and 1970’s for children from a first marriage to take on the surname of the stepfather if their birth father had past away.

Harry Per Forslund died on October 25, 1977 (see Death Certificate here:Joseph Love Death Certificate). David was 25 when his stepfather passed away, but he kept the Forslund surname.

David also had an older sister Marlene Love, who is deceased.

The Mushhead
We called David, Mushhead, because he was constantly stoned and taking all kinds of drugs, he could not control his addiction and he would do anything to get his daily doses.

Between the late 1960’s and mid 1970’s, David committed countless crimes. He exported large quantities of drugs (heroin, etc.) out of Mexico, which he would then sell in Canada. He made numerous trips to Mexico, sometimes via the United States, and back to Canada.

David was caught and sentenced to jail several times for robberies and drug related crimes. William Head Penitentiary and Jordon River Work Camp in Vancouver Island are some of the places David was sentenced to for his crimes.

In 1979, David fled British Columbia from pending charges, but before leaving he struck a deal with the police to snitch on Shannon Murrin for an armed robbery. David planned the robbery and lured Murrin to participate in it. After Murrin’s arrest, in Newfoundland, David returned to British Columbia.

In the early 1990’s David convinced Martin Appleyard to rob a Drug Mart in Sydney, British Columbia with him. They cut a hole in the roof of the building and entered the store, setting the store alarms off. When this happened, David walked to the front door and opened it for the police to get in. Martin took the fall for the break-in. People felt that David had set the young man up. It had been rumored for years that David worked with the Police as a snitch to get out of his own criminal charges by setting up individuals of questionable character for crimes who then got arrested.

In November of 2008, in and around Wilson Creek, British Columbia, David Love was arrested for possession of stolen property, theft, and breaking & entering. David, already in his late 50’s, was still hooked on heroin, was once against caught committing criminal activities (see court document here: David Love 2008 Theft).

David fled British Columbia several times because he feared those he had harmed or sent to prison might retaliate against him. As an informant, David had been responsible for putting away many criminals in order to keep himself out of jail. If you look very closely at David’s history you will realize how he manipulated and hurt people – family, relatives and friends included. The pattern continues to this day.

The First Wife
David met Norma (his first wife) in Powell River when she was a young teenager. By the age of 15, David had Norma hooked onto heavy drugs. Norma and David eventually got married in the early 1970’s.

Norma and David had two children.

However, David was not a peaceful mushhead but he was a very violent one. He used and abused people. He wanted people to live in fear of him, just like the Don in the Godfather. He would beat Norma up – sometimes in front of friends – into obedience if bullying her would not work. One time he beat her so hard that he left her with permanent scars.

In May 1982, David convinced Norma to break into a pharmacy in Sechelt, British Columbia to steal drugs. They broke in, filled large bags with drugs and got away. However, David wanted to go back to steal more drugs and bullied Norma to go with him. On their return to the pharmacy the police were already on the scene and arrested Norma. Later David forced Norma to take the fall for the robbery and leave him out of it.

Right after the robbery in Sechelt, Norma entered a rehab facility and the courts gave her probation. It was then that David began an affair with his second-wife-to-be Christine. David would brag with friends how he convinced Norma that he was broke, yet he was staying in a hotel enjoying Christine’s company.

Meantime, David continued to make use of drugs and committing crimes to support his habit. His relationship with Norma was, to say the least, turbulent and not only because of the drug use but because David was a womanizer having extra marital affairs. They eventually divorced sometime in 1983.

The Second Wife
David married Christine under the Forslund name and divorced her in 1995.

However, the two children he had with Christine go by the name of Love.

David took Hairdressing School while he was in Courtney, British Columbia. Christine was already a qualified hairdresser. David tried to have one of the owners of the Hairdressing School removed from her position (she was suspicious of David) through the governing body, but he was unsuccessful.

Eventually, David and Christine opened a hair Salon called Love’s Hair Studio 2000, located at Lake Trail, Courtney, British Columbia. They operated the salon from 2000 to 2006.

In March 2007, David and Christine moved to Prince George, British Columbia, with their two children, and purchased a home. While living in Prince George, David and his son got into a physical fight landing David in the hospital. Apparently, David got mad at his son for being drunk, but the son lashed out at his father telling him that he was high on drugs and had no right to pass judgment.

In July 2008, David’s house was once again foreclosed on. It is after this period that Christine had enough of her husband and they parted ways.

The name change: from David Forslund to David Love
In the early or mid 1990’s, David got rid of the Forslund surname and switched back to his birth name, David Edgar Love.

He became a realtor working for various real estate companies in Courtney and Campbell River, British Columbia, David had a problem because the Forslund name had a criminal record attached to it and David would not have been able to obtain his realtor license with such a criminal record, hence the name change.

As David Love he was now “clean” and had “no criminal record” if anyone looked him up.

By August 1996, David was so deep into heroin that he proceeded to concoct a scam on his fellow coworkers. David told his colleagues, at Windermere New Castle Realty, that he had Hepatitis C and he needed a special treatment that he could only get at a clinic in Toronto, Ontario.

His colleagues had a fundraiser for him, but when the company found out that David was a heroin addict and he lied about the special treatment for his “Hepatitis C”, they fired him.

Mr. Snider remembered when Art Meyers introduced David Love to him saying he needed a treatment for Hepatitis C and could only get it in Toronto. Mr. Snider agreed to front David the money so David could get his “treatment”. However, the real estate company David was working for went out of business and Snider was never paid back for the money he fronted to David, which was approximately $5,000.

Greg Prenty who put together numerous questionable deals for mortgages that individuals would not normally qualify for, owned Prime Rate Investments. David was good friends with Prenty and they used to party together. Prenty’s wife, Wendy Prenty, is the individual listed on the foreclosure documents as a Respondent along with David and Christine Love.

See Foreclosure documents here:
Order of Foreclosure.


Petition to the Court

To be continued.


Don’t Be Afraid of David Love

I have been doing searches about David Love and found some interesting information.  I found some interesting videos where David is speaking at some detox center expressing his gratitude for saving his life. In one of these videos he is in tears.

When I was watching these videos it reminded me when David was telling about some rehabilitation groups he went to

In 1974, David joined the Lifeline Drug Rehabilitation which was a church sponsored group home run by Danny & Becky McGregor. David didn’t last long in the group even though he pretended he was dealing with his drug addiction, he was telling everyone what a great program it was and how it changed his life. After he left he began to badmouthing the Lifeline group.

In 1991, David was joined the Esperanza Treatment Centre in Esperanza, British Columbia. While residing there with his wife Christine and son, David was advised that in a Religious Community each person has to have their own means for survival. He was advised that if he helped finding sponsors that would donate funds to the organization they would let him live on the premise without paying rent. The Religious Community was part of the Shantymen International organization, which later changed their name to SCA International. At that time David was still using the Forslund last name.

Compassion Outreach Mission (PDF File)

In 1992, David also worked for another community called Compassion Outreach Mission in Tahsis, B.C. Canada.

Now I hear that David had joined the Narconon group but, not surprising to me, he badmouthing them – most likely he is trying to extort money from them. Typical of David to cry for help and them stab those who helped him.

In any event, what do you expect from someone who spent most of his life being a drug dealer? Who knows how many people have died because of David Love aka David Forslund.

One more thing, David is quick in threatening people that he will go to the police of get some government agencies to “investigate” you. Don’t be afraid of his empty threats. David is the one who needs to be concerned with law enforcement knocking on his door.

Why is David Forslund–Love hiding?

I have known David Forslund for a long time before we parted our separate ways.

Since I was approached to testify about him and to provide information for another inquiry that will change his life in a big way, I’ve been collecting a lot of information and digging up some skeletons he thought were long-buried.

As part of this, I reunited with some old friends.  We had a lot to catch up on, not having seen each other for years in some cases.  Some of my friends knew David and some of them decided to join me in helping me with new articles and details for the proceedings.

As it turns out we have lots of information, photographs, documents, etc., which will be published in future articles and which will shed light on several incidents.  It seems practically everyone who associates with him very long gets screwed and you just don’t leave a trail of wreckage like he has done without it coming around to bite you.

So, why is David Forslund-Love hiding his past? Here is why:

Let’s begin with David’s early days.

David Edgar Love was born in Powell River, BC.  When his biological father died David’s mother remarried Per Forslund. In those days children from a first marriage often took on the surname of the stepfather if their real father had died, and no formal registration was done. Thus, at age 9 David Edgar Love was transformed into David Edgar Forslund.

Under the name of David Forslund he committed countless crimes, not to mention people who died because of drugs sold to them by David.

David was trafficking drugs out of Mexico, which he then sold here in Canada. David used his wife, Norma, as a mule to hide the drugs when crossing the border.

David Forslund served jail time for only a fraction of the crimes he committed.

David was a snitch for the police.  But his version of the story is that he worked for the police doing highly classified intelligence work.  People went behind bars because of David and not because he wanted to “bring them to justice” but because he had to save his own ass, i.e., he had committed so many criminal acts that he could have spent the rest of his sad life in jail. That is why he became a snitch. David never cared about anyone but himself.

What people do not know is that even when being a snitch for the police David kept committing crimes right under the police’s nose. He would rob anyone (friends included) in order to get goods he could pawn for money.

David once broke into a store owned by the parents of one of my friends.  David deceived him, asked him many questions about the shop, and then he robbed it.

David convinced a young man (MA) to rob a Drug Mart in Sydney, BC. MA and David cut a hole in the roof of the building and entered the store. Once inside the shop David opened the front door for the police. MA took the fall for the set-up break-in. David set-up MA to get off pending charges against him. For years, we suspected that David was working as a snitch for the police and he always denied it. But some distanced themselves from David because he was throwing people under the bus to get out of his own criminal charges.

In 1979, David fled British Columbia from pending criminal charges but not before he framed one of his friends in Newfoundland for an armed robbery that was actually planned and executed by David.  His friend went to jail and David disappeared from the scene. If you want to verify where David was working before he fled look into a company called Compact Cabinets.

David was not just a successful snitch.  Like all lying snitches, he was a coward. He coerced his first wife Norma to break into a pharmacy in Sechelt, BC to steal drugs. They broke in, filled bags with drugs and got away. However, David pressured his wife to go back to the shop to steal more drugs. On their return to the drugstore, the police arrested Norma. David, being a manipulator, “persuaded” Norma to take the fall for the robbery. Norma was convicted and sentenced to jail. Norma was a good person who was introduced to drugs by David when she was only a teenager. While Norma was in jail, David began having an affair with his next future wife, Christine. Some of us believed that David framed Norma so he could freely have an affair with Christine. He eventually abandoned his wife and children and married Christine.

In the mid 70’s David entered the Lifeline Drug Rehabilitation, which was a church sponsored group managed by the McGregor family, but soon after joining them David fell back into using drugs. He began to blame the McGregor’s for his failures and was trying to scam them for money – it didn’t work when they figured out what David was up to.  But was typical of him to bite the hand that fed him.

Sometimes in the early 90’s David changed back his name to David Edgar Love because he wanted to become a Realtor and needed a clean record. So he switched to David Love because the name Forslund had a long and disreputable criminal history attached to it.

In 1996, the employees of Windermere New Castle Realty had a fundraiser for David because believed David had Hepatitis C and needed a special treatment that he could only get at a clinic in Toronto. When the company found out that the reason David wanted to go to Toronto was to cure his heroin addiction the company fired him.

David was an artist in exploiting older or unattractive women. For example,  he began a relationship with a woman (WP) only because she had just received an inheritance. David promptly hooked her up on drugs and used her money to remodel the house in Courtney. Once he got WP’s money, he discarded the lady.

Suffices to say: David Forslund-Love is hiding his past because he has a lot to lose – a real lot to lose when all this will come out.  He knows and he’ll soon hear the sordid details – officially.

David Love is David Forslund

David Love

I was searching for old friends on Facebook and found David Love aka David Forslund.

Though he has changed in appearance (he is now lot older than when I last saw him) he has not changed the way he presents himself to the people that are about to become his victims. David never did anything for anyone. It is always about making money by scamming or ruining other people. I have seen him in action many times.

I bet he changed his name from Forslund to Love so people wouldn’t find out about his criminal past.

In 1971 David was sent to jail at the William Head Penitentiary and in 1973 he went to jail in a work camp near Campbell River.

David was involved in several breaking and entries, ripping off women, smuggling and selling drugs and other scams. He would get people hooked up on drugs so they would become his customers.  Who knows how many people have died because of David.

David doesn’t care about people, even his own first wife.

David pressured his first wife to rob a drug store in Gibson.  He masterminded the robbery in details and when they were caught David manipulated his wife in taking the blame, and she did.  The wife went to jail and David had free reins to spend time with his mistress, who later became his second wife. David was very violent, especially with his first wife. In many occasions I saw bruises in her face. He had that poor woman bullied into complete obedience.  I believe his wife was either 15 or 16 when David Love introduced her to hardcore drugs and turned her into a complete addict.

David was trafficking heroin from Mexico into Canada, he used people as mules to smuggle the drugs. He also had a motorhome to transport the heroin out of Mexico into Canada through the US.

David developed a technique on how to gain people’s approval and friendship – he used to brag about how good he was in conning people. He selects his victims and befriends them. He then becomes very supportive, caring and their best friends, he would spend months cultivating a friendship with his victims. When everything is in place David strikes his victims. Once he gets what he wants he go after his victims ferociously so David ends up being the victim. He will not hesitate to lie, cheat to get what he wants.

Everything I am saying here is true and I can prove it despite what David Love aka David Forslund will say once he discovers my blog. I will not be bullied or cowed by David.

David Forslund the Bad Father

David Forslund didn’t really care about people or his wife and children. I knew both David and his wife Norma.  They had two small daughters and David was more concerned with getting stoned and selling drugs than caring for his children. He didn’t do anything when they were taken away from him and placed under the care of the State.

David Forslund the Robber

Still to this day some of us talk about that one time in the 80’s where David Forslund and his wife robbed a drugstore in Gibson. They went in the first time and stole as many drugs as they could carry. But David was greedy and convinced his wife to go back and rob some more. The second time they got caught. Then something incredible happened, David told his wife to take the fall and leave him out because he had two prior convictions that had landed him in jail. The wife pleaded guilty for the robbery herself and left David out of it.