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David Love Caught Abusing a Woman Again

Someone with no name left the following excerpts from a Facebook discussion about David Love aka David Forslund.

Here is the reference to the Arizona case against David Love: David Love – Disorderly Conduct

david love showing off at fbi building

Photo posted by David Love on Facebook

Rusty Since Mary McConnell & ‘Loud Mouth’ Patty Moher are so busy being Duped AGAIN by a CON, here’s a little something authored by a ‘former’ associate of David Forslund aka David love. That knew him since 1967. https://davideforslund.wordpress.com/

MS … My concern is DL [David Love] lying and scamming all of you. In fact, DL was so concerned about me never going public about what I know..he offered me a gag order. I told himto go fuck himself. Why do people offer gag orders anyways? That’s weird.

MS… What happened with me and DL [David Love] is personal. So I kept quiet about it. But what I witnessed with him and what he’s about is not good. He came to my house posing as a nice friendly critic. He exploited and took advantage of the fact I was born & raised in Scio. He fed off that. He secretly recorded every move I made in my home, car, bedroom, bathroom with his pen video. Although it is personal, I do not want him doing this to any other female out there. So ladies, if DL sends you a PM saying how pretty you are, or he wants to hear about your story..RUN FOR THE HILLS! The issue I have more of a concern with, is him pulling a fraud on all of you. After what I experienced with him, I knew something wasn’t right. So I started researching what he’s about, what has he actually done for Narconon etc. I spent a few months watching how he operates within this movement. You all have to remember, I spent 23 years of my life (from birth) in Scientology. I’m not a friggin retard with this. So, I observed DL like a little ant under a magnifying glass for months. I started to see his con. How he has thousands of docs. Yet he never posts them. He has a huge verdict for you all. Never posts that either. He’s gonna release dox soon. Never releases them. He’s almost done with His Human Rights Case. Doesn’t exist. The verdict is in on that case. Oops he’s barely filing dox and the case is beginning all over again. I can go on and on..but I’m getting tired. He’s actually fascinating to watch. I admire his ability to swindle and fool hundreds of people. He’s very charismatic too. Sit back and watch him sometime. It sure beats watching The Kardashians.

MS One final thought on this. I want you all to know I do not like doing this. I don’t like being the center of attention. Especially for drama issues like this. But I can not, in my inner conscience remain quiet about this anymore. If I stayed quiet about this, DL [David Love] being exposed as a fraud was bound to happen eventually. Does it make the effect any less or greater if you all find out now by me? Or later by someone else who may not be as restrained as I was in this situation? This man put me through psychological hell for months. Threatening me and my family. Secretly recording me. Posting sick and twisted things on his FB wall with Arizona license plates geared towards me. I have many screen shots saved of this abuse he was directing towards me, as he is disguising it as Narconon activism for you all. Go to his Twitter page. You see that black hat he is wearing? I bought him that hat as a souvenir while he was here. I took that picture of him. He posted that pic on his Twitter account the day he left my house. He hasn’t taken it down since. As a form to taunt me and remind me to keep my mouth shut. After the abuse I experienced with him in person, all he had to do was say 2 words to me. “I’m Sorry.” He never apologized, and continued to blackmail and intimidate me for months. Even emailing me acting like members of Anonymous threatening me and my family. I am sorry. But DL is not a critic. He is a predatory criminal who is fooling all of you. Goodnight.

MS DL [David Love] has me blocked. It would be interesting to see what he has to say about all of this. He has told many people in the UK and Ireland that he came out here and I live in a multi million dollar estate. He says my parents are rich. Funny thing is, I live in a 2 bedroom apartment. I work my ass off to make $38,000 a year. My parents live off disability income. Last I saw DL on this board, I asked him why he is lying that I’m rich. He blocked me instantly. I think DL owes those good people an apology for making up outlandish lies to them. The fact that he would lie like that says something right there. Lying that I live in a multi-million dollar estate is not just a little lie. That is a bold faced, fairy tale, sociopath lie. And if he’s gonna lie about that…he’s gonna lie about more serious issues.

MS I do want to prepare you all. DL [David Love] has already told me that he will say that I’m a drug dealing whore in the “Chavez Mexican Drug Cartel” if I say anything about this.