David Love Attempted Con

The following article was sent to us by a single mother who has been abused by David Love. We are deliberately leaving her name out so she will not be subjected to further abuse by David Love or any of his associates.


I am coming forward telling my bad experience with the con man known as David Edgar Forslund a.k.a. David Edgar Love. I am doing it because David misleads people into believing that he is some sort of activist, and I want to warn people, especially women. If with my story I can prevent just one person from being scammed or exploited by David Love, then I have done my job.

This blog tells stories of people who have experienced similar situations with David Forslund as I did. I can’t believe that I was mislead by such a criminal. I am still facing harassment and taunting from him online, but he won’t silence me nor will I succumb to his intimidation.

David Love claimed to be part of a documentary team. He asked me if I’d be a part of this documentary to share my experience and I agreed.

We became good friends and David would literally call me every single day of the week. Later on I discovered that he was secretly recording every phone conversation we ever had. Little did I know that he was trying to frame me for something that I didn’t do. For example, David would initiate conversations regarding drugs or drugs he had been using in the past. He would have me play the role of discussing drugs with him while he would pose as a drug counselor. David claimed that his dream was to speak about drug abuse and help people get off drugs. He is a former drug addict and a drug dealer. What he was in fact doing was trying to portray me as some sort of a drug dealer while secretly recording our phone conversations.

He begged me to fly out to Arizona so he could visit friends and take a vacation. David was telling people that I was his girlfriend, and I asked him to stop saying that because we were never romantically involved. I never promised David a romantic relationship as he is older than my father. I told David if he comes to Arizona it is with the full understanding that we are friends, and nothing more. He completely agreed and understood. Before he came to Arizona he was very insistent on knowing what sort of drugs are in Arizona. Specifically, what kind of drugs can I get. He wanted to know if I could get opiate pain pills. I told him I have a prescription because of pain issues that I have. Once he was in my house he stole all of my pain medication and was taking secret pictures of them. He was also taking secret photographs of my dead uncle’s empty Morphine bottles. He was sending these pictures to one of the other “filmmakers who were doing the documentary” because David wanted to make the documentary more exciting and interesting. He was trying to give the appearance that he’s out in Arizona investigating a drug cartel. David gave me $50 and told me he was having major anxiety issues. He said he has PTSD. I believed him. He had me drive to go pick up anxiety pills for him. I was used as a middle man to get these for David as he is secretly recording it. This was more of his plan to portray himself as some professional journalist working on a story. When in reality, he was coercing and framing me into these situations. An attorney told me that it is a felony to secretly record someone for the sole intent to blackmail, which is what David Love did to me. I am currently seeking legal counsel in regards to his illegal surveillance and exploitation of me. Not to mention various pictures that he has stolen from my cell phone. I’m hoping David Love will post some of his illegally obtained recordings of me so that he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I truly feel his road of criminal acts is coming to a quick end.

As for the 911 call and the Jerome Arizona situation where David tried to get me arrested, he accidentally sent me an email that was supposed to go to his party in crime i.e. the “filmmaker”. In that email he’s telling his associate that my family and I are part of the Chavez Mexican Drug cartel. That I’ve been offering him massive quantities of drugs to import into Canada. David a ton of secret audio and video footage of me. At that point I realized that I am being set up and exploited for entertainment purposes by David Love. I confronted him about the email and he lied about sending it to me by mistake. I was very scared of him at that point and told him I wanted to take him to the airport. That’s when he snapped and pulled a full blown stage attempt that I’m threatening to kill him. Not once I ever threatened David. You can hear him yelling in the 911 call that I threatened to slice his throat etc. He is making it all up so I would falsely be arrested. He falsely kept using saying that him and I are in Scientology, but I am not a Scientologist, and David was never in Scientology. He wanted that on the record so he could to use it as “evidence” in the documentary or book that he is trying to publish. David was charged for disorderly conduct by the police and his attempt to frame or exploit me failed.

Half of my family is from Mexico and I found it disgusting that David would racially profile me and my whole family as members of a drug cartel. Specifically a non-existent The Chavez Drug Cartel. I have never offered David Love any drugs to import into Canada either. I refused to be romantically involved and sleep with him and that’s why he was mad with me – my rejection set him off. In the above mentioned 911 call you can hear David calling me his “pet” and that he “owns” me as if I am his slave. I will not repeat all the demeaning names he used against me and the verbal abuse I had to suffer while he falsely claimed to the police that I was the one threatening his life.

I am a single mother who lives alone, and I feel this is one of the reasons why he picked me as a target.

After David was charged by the police and fled back to Canada and continued to send me many threatening emails. He threatened to “send me to prison” if I didn’t agree to a gag order about what he did to me and to publish all the information he had gathered about me in a book and ruin my life. Not being satisfied with threatening me he proceeded to threaten my mother and my 17-year-old daughter for about two months. To this day, David posts pictures of himself when he was in Arizona making ominous threats that will soon publish a story. His empty threats are mean to intimidate me and scare me into silence.

When David was confronted on a Facebook group by several individuals what he had done to me his response was to block over 300 people hat were demanding an answer from him.

David lies and tells people that I seduced and drugged him. I never drugged or seduce him. He is a 63-year-old grown man who gets a kick out of targeting and take advantage of defenseless women. It’s pathetic that he has to resort such fabricated lies to cover up what he did, but lying is what he does best to succeed in his con.

Please learn from my experience and stay away from this sociopath.

Thank you